My First Review: Mac Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation in NW10

My very first review and its for my very first MAC Foundation. I had been put off MAC in the past, as the foundations were too dark for me (I had previously been sold NW20 and when I bought it home it turned out to be much too orange for my skin-tone.) I decided to try some of the lighter shades. I went for the MAC Studio Fix Plus Foundation Powder in NW10 (the lightest shade available) 

It came in a beautiful MAC Box (Sounds odd, but I keep all my make-up boxes) 

ITS HUGE! Look at it!!! HUGE! Covers my whole hand. Very Impressed! 
Yup: NW10 

It's brilliant for on the go touch ups as it comes with a handy little mirror. 
Look, at the paleness : ) 

Pale (No Flash) (It's almost white, with the flash on) 

BUT: It came with a cosmetic application sponge. I've only used it three times and it's already orange. SO un-hygienic! I'm either going to have to replace these every few days (what a waste) so that I don't get clogged up and I end up with spotty skin. I think it would be best to use a brush to apply the product. 

WARNING: My skin before hand VERY Red ) : and have more freckles than I thought I had too

With one slight application (lessened the redness and covered quite a few of my freckles) 

Close up: It's covered some of the spots on my chin and covered the redness on my nose. I've not used much here. But the coverage is VERY build-able. The product lets you apply as little as you want, or as much as you want. I only need a little bit to cover my redness. So far, so good : ) 

A Selfie : ) I only have 'one layer' on here. It's taken a lot of the redness out of skin and it feels lovely and comfy. It's covered my spots, but I didn't apply too much as it also lets my natural skin come through, so that I don't look too 'made-up' (perfect for work) 

It's kinda shocking how strange I look with just foundation on and no other make-up. 
I love the coverage of the MAC Powder, it even makes a good attempt at covering my under-eye purpleness, but I still still a little more concealer under my eyes 


I'm really happy with this foundation. It's the first MAC foundation and the first powder style foundation I have ever used.

It does have some amazing plus sides:

  • Amazing for all skin tones 
  • Looks natural 
  • Easy Application 
  • Build-able coverage 
  • Very Long Lasting 
  • Mirror included for on the go touch ups
  • Really good for oily skin
  • I've also heard that this can be used wet too, which I would love to try
It does have some downsides too: 
  • You need to moisturize like crazy before applying it, otherwise it highlights any dryness on the skin 
  • The sponge that's included is very un-hygienic
  • Can look a little too powdery on dry skin (well it does contain talc!) 
  • No SPF (This may be better for pictures though) 
I'm really happy with this, and I am going to keep on using it. However I feel that the MAC Studio Fix Fluid might be better for my dry skin (I've put it on my wishlist, so hopefully I will be getting my hands on it soon) 

Do you own any MAC Foundations, what do you think of them? 
What's your 'go to' foundation? 

PS: I apologize that I look about 15 in this post, I'm actually 24 (Crazy I know!) 



  1. I'm really excited to find a beauty blog written by someone as pale as I am! I'm interested in your foundation reviews. It is so hard to find anything light enough!

    1. That's so lovely to hear, Thank you : D
      I always struggle to find pale foundations, one day I will find the perfect shade : )
      There will be lots more make-up for us pale-peeps coming up xx

  2. oohhh i love this, i have this in NC20 and i swear by it. it goes so well with the studio fix foundation as well xxx xxx

    1. Thank you : ) Your blog is one of my absolute favs!

      I cannot wait to get the Studio Fix Foundation, I think I might just go order it now xx

  3. I've got this too, I use it to set my foundation when I want heavier coverage. I love MAC Studio Fix Fluid foundation. NARS Sheer glow and Laura Mercier silk creme are my other favourites xx

    1. I really want to try Laura Mercier Silk Creme, I've heard such amazing things about it! xx

  4. Great review!
    I love this product i think its so worth its money as you said in the post its huge! and you do get a lot of coverage with this powder which is always a plus if you're like me and have horrid skin!
    Love your blog <3

  5. Outstanding review! I have this too, I love it!
    I've followed you on GFC, please check me out.

  6. FYI, N3, N4, C2, and C3 are all much lighter than NW10.


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